Using stories to teach ICT, ages 9 to 11+


作者:by Anita Loughrey


出版社:Andrews UK Limited


集叢名:Using stories to teach


ISBN:978-1-909102-56-9 ; 1-909102-56-3

Using stories to teach ICT is a new, excellent series of four books that will make the teaching of ICT a more exciting and creative cross-curricular experience.
The aim of the series is for ICT to be presented in a format that shows how information technology is used in our everyday lives and demonstrates ways how ICT skills can be taught and extended while linking to a wide variety of other subject areas of the curriculum.
Ages 9-11 contains: 6 fun and original stories, detailed lesson plans, up to 4 worksheets with each lesson, activities to develop a range of ICT skills.

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