The adventures of Chickolet Pigolet:murmur on the oink express


作者:by Debe Brannin;Illustrations by Jack Foster


出版社:Guardian Angel Publishing

出版地:Saint Louis, Mo.


ISBN:978-1-61633-078-1 ; 1-61633-078-3

Chickolet hopped down off the red tractor and wiped his sweaty brow with the red and white checkered handkerchief he carried in his rear pocket.
“Why do I keep trying to farm this land?”
He sighed and kicked another stone out of the hard dirt.
“Sometimes farming is very hard work. I need adventure, danger, and something new happening every day of my life.”

  • CHAPTER 1(p.3)
  • CHAPTER 2(p.9)
  • CHAPTER 3(p.15)
  • CHAPTER 4(p.21)
  • CHAPTER 5(p.27)
  • CHAPTER 6(p.33)
  • CHAPTER 7(p.39)
  • CHAPTER 8(p.45)